DJGPP Bug Tracking System

This database is only for bugs in djgpp's core. Do not report bugs for anything other than files that come in one of the v2/dj*.zip files. Do not report gcc bugs here. Do not report Allegro or RHIDE bugs here. Do not request help here. A "bug" is a problem or mistake in DJGPP that you believe requires a change in DJGPP in order to operate correctly. Please do not use this database for anything else.

Please make sure you check the archives of already submitted bug reports before creating a new report. It is possible to add information to existing open bugs, so please feel free to do that.

Note: If a bug is listed as being ``fixed in CVS'' (or WIP), that means that the master CVS source repository or ``Work In Progress'' has the fix. This is the version on my hard drive, which becomes the next version when it is released. Basically, CVS and WIP mean it will be in the next version.

Download the bugtrack source if you want to play with it.

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