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In DJGPP (see DJGPP overview), a 32-bit compiler and programming environment, originally written for Unix machines, meet a 16-bit MS-DOS operating system. Programmers who work in this environment have to master a large body of knowledge from both Unix and MS-DOS, especially if they want to use some advanced features, like interrupt handling, directly accessing peripheral devices, etc.

But because the DJGPP project is run by a group of volunteers on their free time, there isn't always enough time (or patience, or money ;-) to produce documentation which will describe all the subtle features and pitfalls a user should know about. The documentation of DJGPP-specific utilities and features is minimal at times, leaving wide space for confusion, in newcomers and veterans alike, and making the DJGPP learning curve steeper than it could be.

This FAQ list is an attempt to take the sting out of that learning curve, by supplying solutions for problems which are known to puzzle DJGPP users. (Another solution would be to pay to DJ Delorie and other people who develop DJGPP to produce more documentation ;-).

Some additional places to look for tutorials and other introductory material about DJGPP are listed below.

One good place to look for DJGPP features that are often overlooked is the DJGPP Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base is also available in Info format; type info knowledge from the DOS prompt. In addition, a User's Guide is being written by several contributors; it is currently available from the DJGPP server.

You can browse the HTML version of this FAQ list on line at DJ Delorie's Web server. You can also download FAQ in several additional formats and browse it locally.

A previous version of this FAQ was translated into French, and is available via FTP, and also through the Web.

A Japanese translation is available via the Web.

This is Edition 2.30 of the FAQ, last updated 28 April 2001, for DJGPP Version 2.03.

The following master menu lists the major topics in this FAQ list, including all the indices.

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