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What is DJGPP?

DJGPP is a 32-bit program development system. DJGPP runs on 386 and newer PCs running DOS or dos-compatible operating systems, and produces programs that also run on 386+ dos.

Links: History - FAQ - User's Guide

How do I get it?

Most people FTP the zip files from their nearest mirror site. You can also buy CD-ROMs from the Free Software Foundation

Links: Getting DJGPP - FAQ - Guide - FSF - Zip Picker

Which zip files do I need?

Try using the Zip Picker first, since it covers the basics. You need at least (or a newer version),, and to develop C programs. A few other zips are highly recommended. The User's Guide has a section on this, as does the FAQ and the README.1ST file that comes with DJGPP.

Links: Zip Picker - README.1ST - Guide - FAQ - Brennan's Guide

Are there instructions?

Yes. You must read the README.1ST file and the FAQ. The answers are in there. Most people miss them the first time through.

Links: README.1ST - FAQ - User's Guide

How do I install it?

Create a directory and CD to it. Unzip all the chosen zips right there in that directory, remembering to preserve the directory structure of each zip. You'll need to update your PATH and set one extra environment variable.

Links: README.1ST - Guide - Brennan's Guide

Where is the documentation?

Get the Texinfo package (txi* and run the info program in it. That's all the documentation that ships with DJGPP, and it's pretty comprehensive. You should read the FAQ also.

Links: DJGPP Docs - User's Guide - FAQ - GNU Manuals

How do I compile my program?

The README.1ST has an example, as does the Guide. Basically, use gcc hello.c -o hello.exe to compile simple programs, or gxx -o hello.exe for C++ programs.

Links: README.1ST - Guide - GCC Manual

How do I report bugs?

Please read the README.1ST and FAQ before reporting bugs. If you can't find an answer, try the mail archives to see if others have solved this problem. If that fails, post or mail your problem, including the command line you typed and the results you got (use redir.exe to capture the output and errors to a file). There's also a section in the FAQ about getting more help.

Links: README.1ST - Guide - FAQ

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